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Eccolab is a company that diserve your recognition, all our inventions are created ecolocaly, talking in consideration its durability, pricing, efficiency, number of potential costumers, acceptivity on the market, and welfare benefits for the user, planet and community. The Clip-Chain Terra is a our first product and a perfect example of our engeniring goals. But our mission doesnt stop there. Now that the Clip-Chain Terra is already on the market, our next milestone is to Ecoolife test the acceptance of this produc on the market. If the Clip-Chain be a great sucess, and after this phase of "Market Acceptance" our next mile stone will be the "Community Welfare". After this phase, Ecoolife, will begin to support poor people around the globe teaching them how to produce their own Clip-Chain buy their own increasing their monatly income with all the profits of their own production.  



*The only rule : No family or individual can have employees, it is an individual production. The reason for this rule is that Ecoolife want to help the biggest number of people around the world, and teach anyone that takes part of this project how to have their own company.

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Maybe one day, we are going to be helpening you.

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