First of all, I would like to specially thank you for visiting this page, and to congratulate you for your choice in being a donator. 


But before you make your donation, I would like introduce you our company, principals and standards:


When I decided to create my own company, I wanted to develop the most perfect company ever made. A company that would not just care about its costumers, but a company that would try to care about all world, that would take social responsibilities to its maximum. And today I am proud of what I created, the Ecoolife.


Ecoolife, is very young but very innovative company, and in our goals, we want also to create new job opportunities to increase the income of pour families around the world.

To make it possible, Ecoolife invests all its strength  in researching and development of the most ecological, less expensive, efficient, durable, convenient, and easy manufacturable products. Focusing the engineering of a product that will achieve the most higher level of costumer satisfaction, in the same time that it’s simple manufacturing process make possible for pour families around the world to, produce, and to sell it in their city, keeping all profits of their own production to increase their familiar income.


But it is also important to mention, that Ecoolife still keeps the rights of its inventions, and other companies should respect it.  And even those pour families are forbidden to employ other people or even to build a little company to produce our products. With this measure, Ecoolife expects to leave place for so many pour families as possible to be part of this project.


And the most important, Ecoolife will also teach how to manufacture a very simple version of our products, and will help those families to sell their products in our website, for free.


I can guarantee that you found the right company to help, a company the shares more than takes, that is worried about environmental issues, that wants to care about all world, bringing always a new product that will revolutionize the way that industries are doing their business today. You can see your donation as an investment of making a better world for all of us. 


Welcome to make your donations, and thank you in advance.


Ricardo Porto.


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