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Bellow, you will find links of web-shops where you can find material you need to produce your Clip-Chain.





                                                        Basics-Finder & mobile wallet case.


 Ecoolife care.



 Product : Basics-Finder Clip-Chain Terra.


           Soon, you will find here videos of how to make a Clip-Chain Basics Finder System and much more. 

This part of our website is intended to help poor families around the world to produce and to sell the Clip-Chain to increase their monthly income.


This is the most important part of our project, but before we start this last phase, we must to perform a survey of the acceptance of our product on the social media, to be sure that it would be a great opportunity on the region of each benefited person. the philosophy of consumption of each region of the planet varies according to the culture of the place, and this survey on social media is crucial to alert all participants about the acceptance of the product on their region.



If you would like to help us with the survey on your region, please click on our survey blog on this website and don’t forget to share with everybody you know. The biggest the number of participants on our survey better the acurancy of this information.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Bellow you can see 3 of many models that are going to be included on this project, we are going to teach all participants of how to produce, where to buy all pieces, pricing and the most important (with your help) we are going to tell them before they do any investment, what they can expect of their market and region.  

Clip-Chain Sailor

Connector System for Key-Chain.

Clip-Chian Uno

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